FULL NAME Kedarnath Bhattacharya
NICKNAME(s) Kumar Sanu, Sanu Da
DATE OF BIRTH 20 October 1957
AGE 61 years old (As of 2023)
BIRTHPLACE Kolkata, West Bengal, India
HOMETOWN Kolkata, West Bengal, India
CURRENT RESIDENCE 66, Ranjana Villa, Mhada, SVP Road, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053, Maharashtra, India
FATHER NAME Pashupati Bhattacharya (vocalist and composer)
MOTHER NAME Rita Bhattacharya
SPOUSE Rita (Divorced in 1994), Saloni Sanu
BROTHER(s) Tappan Bhattacharya
HEIGHT 5′ 11”
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY Calcutta University, Kolkata
PROFESSION Singer, Music Director, and Politician
EMAIL singerkumarsanu@gmail.com
PHONE +91-9221312252, +91-9323578712
SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram- (@kumarsanuofficial) Twitter- (@Singerkumarsan)
WEBSITE www.kumarsanuworld.com
BEST KNOWN FOR Singer, Music Director, and Politician
NET WORTH $ 9 million USD INR, INR 65 crores Approx
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kumar sanu jab koi baat bigad jaye lyricsPlayback singer Kedarnath Bhattacharya, better known by his stage name Kumar Sanu, is from India. In Bollywood, he is known as “King of Melody.” He is renowned for singing a variety of Hindi and Bollywood songs. Bengali, Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Manipuri, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Odia, Chhattisgarhi, Urdu, Pali, and English are among the various languages that Kumar Sanu has performed songs in addition to Hindi. Bengali is his native language and is spoken in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. He established a record by taking home the Best Male Playback Singer Filmfare Award five times in a row from 1990 to 1994. His contributions to Indian music and film earned him the Padma Shri award from the Indian government in 2009. In BBC’s list of the “Top 40 Bollywood Soundtracks of All Time,” many of his songs are included.

Poverty will exist if there is no education. I firmly believe in it and think that through educating people, we can effectively handle the problem.

– Kumar Sanu


kumar sanu mp3 song download pagalworldKnown professionally as Kumar Sanu, Indian playback singer Kedarnath Bhattacharya was born on October 20, 1957. He is renowned in the Bollywood industry as the King of Melody. Kishore Kumar, a singer, has a significant influence on his voice and singing style. He is well known for singing a variety of Hindi and Bollywood songs. He has performed songs in languages other than Hindi.

Pashupati Bhattacharya, the father of composer and singer Kumar Sanu, was a vocalist. Together with Sanu’s older sister, they lived in the Sinthee section of Kolkata (now called Calcutta), not far from Biswanath Park. At Panchanan Tala on Gopal Bose Lane in North Kolkata’s Sinthi district, Kumar Sanu lived.

In a tiny town, Kumar Sanu started his professional career. He also continued his education at a nearby Gove school. He was absorbed in the subject of the study. He consequently scored poorly on every exam. Due to Kumar Sanu’s lack of interest in his studies, his teachers also gave him little attention. But his teachers were unaware that this student would go on to become a unique celebrity.


kumar sanu ke gane1993 Guinness World Record for the “innermost songs ever recorded in one day.

2001 March 31 marked the first Indian singer to receive such recognition in America, Kumar Sanu Day. Michael R. Turner, mayor of Dayton, Ohio, received an honorary doctorate in 2001. America University

India’s fourth-highest civilian honor, the 2009 Padma Shri Administration of India

The People Education Society 2012 Dr. Ambedkar Awards.

2014 Maharashtraratna Awards Maharashtra government

As a Bengali playback singer, the West Bengal government won the 2014 Mahanayak Samman Lifetime Achievement Award.

2015 Sangeet Samman Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Government of West Bengal,

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 by the International Human Rights Council.

2018 Honors at the UK Houses of Parliament for Anuradha Paudwal’s social work and contribution to Indian music.All-Party Parliamentary Group of India and Britain.

West Bengal’s Bisheet Mahasanman will take office in 2019. awarded a doctorate in recognition of his musical contributions. Additionally, he has received the Maharashtra Samman Award.

Sanu said the following when speaking about the subject: “The American University of the USA has given me the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award. The certificate is for a doctorate and was issued in the USA.

This was given the go-ahead by the governors of 120 nations. The American University of USA. The prize was presented in Pune.

The government of Madhya Pradesh receives the Lata Mangeshkar Award in 2021.

2022 The West Bengal government’s highest civilian honor is the Banga Bibhushan.



kumar sanu tumsa koi pyaaraFollowing his graduation with a degree in commerce from Calcutta University, Kumar Sanu began giving public performances at small theaters and eateries in the city of Calcutta. The legendary Kishore Kumar had a big influence on his singing style. He yearned to work as a playback singer in Indian cinema, but the competition is ruthless rather than just fierce. Before the great Jagjit Singh took notice of Kumar Sanu, it took many years and a lot of effort. He gave Kumar Sanu the opportunity to perform in the Hindi movie Aandhiyan.

In his lifetime, Kumar Sanu has been married twice. He had his first marriage to Rita Bhattacharya in the 1980s. Rita Bhattacharya has three children: Jiko, Jassi, and Jaan Kumar Sanu. Jaan Kumar Sanu appeared on Bigg Boss in its fourteenth season. Jaan Kumar Sanu, Kumar Sanu’s son, is also a musician. At the height of his fame, Meenakshi, a Bollywood actress, was also associated with Kumar Sanu. He was forced to divorce his first spouse as a result. Following his divorce from Rita, Kumar Sanu remarried Saloni, but not Meenakshi, a Rajasthani woman. Sanno and Anna are two of Kumar Sanu’s daughters from his marriage to Saloni.

When Kalyanji—Anandji—invited Kumar Sanu to sing for the film “Jadugar,” he traveled to Bombay. He was then instructed to change his name to something that was much more popular due to caste and regional preferences. As a result, he began working as Kumar Sanu rather than Kedernath Bhattacharjee. He gained a wider appeal among the populace as a result and was no longer limited to the Bengali majority. But it was the 1990 film “Aashiqui” that marked his true breakthrough.

All but one song from the film Aashiqui was given to him by the talented composers Nadeem and Shravan. With this chance, Kumar Sanu proved himself, and the songs enraged the entire country. The songs that were hailed as the biggest hits of the year were hummed by all. In addition to becoming famous, Kumar Sanu received his first Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer. He started recording for numerous additional films and enjoyed great success with an increasing number of hits. Saajan, Deewana, Baazigar, and 1942: A Love Story are a few films that deserve to be mentioned.


Poverty will exist if there is no education. I firmly believe in it and think that through educating people, we can effectively handle the problem.

At any of my shows, I never repeat a song because I want the audience to be involved with the songs I am singing. Why would I bore my audience by performing the same songs that I have donated my voice to with so many other vocalists in the thousands of songs?

Singing a meaningfully musical piece like “Suno Apne dil ki” is rare since music is what emotions sound like.

Some songs’ lyrics are offensive. They, in my opinion, are not beneficial to society.

In addition to multiple songs for all the Khans, Akshay Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, and many more stars, I sang at least one hit for practically every star, including Dharmendra, Jeetendra, and Vinod Khanna.

Due to my constant travel for concerts, I can’t even stay with my wife, Saloni, and my two girls for an extended period.

Because Ritaji has done so much for him and because people will begin to compare him to me, which is bad for him as a rookie, he should write his name as Jaan Rita Bhattacharya rather than Jaan Kumar Sanu. If he was successful, I would be the happiest father ever.

I would like to participate in genuine reality programs, but I don’t want to do anywhere I am instructed to give a candidate extra point simply because they are from a certain state. We must evaluate merit.

For instance, when I’m in Calcutta, I frequently sing for free for inexperienced directors and little producers who can’t afford to pay me.

I told myself at least 50 times that I have no connections to any parties and have no business dealings with any of them. I only host one party, a music party.

I joined the BJP in 2012 to receive support for the orphan schools I operate in Delhi and Kolkata. My school, however, received no assistance. I have therefore avoided party politics.

There was a time when a song’s melody was its most crucial component. But over time, music underwent a significant change.

The tunes that were being played for me didn’t appeal to me at all. They lacked a melody and a purpose. I haven’t been singing in Bollywood for a while because of this.

In Kolkata, eating different kinds of fish is a must, and I do so every day for lunch and dinner.

I began my career with Shatrughan Sinha’s unfinished home movie “Aandhiyaan,” which was my first project. He was to perform the song, which was written by Jagjit Singh.

I was able to establish a name for myself in the profession as a playback vocalist, despite my initial doubts.


kumar sanu songsRecord-breaking twice, Kumar Sanu set a Guinness World Record for recording 161 songs in 30 days and 28 songs in 24 hours. Likewise, 1100 songs per year.

He also received awards for his hit songs five years in a row. The sixth time, he declined the honor and requested that it be given to a different person. 2009 saw him receive the Padma Shri Award as well.

Did you know that in 2004, Kumar Sanu also belonged to the BJP but later left? In 2014, he rejoined the party.

Additionally, he has participated in a number of social causes. For instance, he started a school for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Many people compare Kishore Kumar and Kumar Sanu. He is thought to be the best singer after Kishore da. Like Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu has a similar vocal range.

Some of Kumar Sanu’s hits, including Ek Ladki Ko Dekha, Tum Dil ki, Pardesi Pardesi, Yeh Kali Kaali Aankhein, and many others, are still regarded as classics.


kumar sanu hit songsA contentious topic has been Kumar Sanu’s romantic life. His multiple marriages and extramarital affairs with Bollywood actresses have frequently made headlines. In the late 1980s, he first married Rita Bhattacharya. Jessy, Jeeko, and Jaan are three adorably cute children who were born to Kumar and Rita. However, the couple separated in 1994 because Rita believed Kumar was seeing someone else instead of her. Following their divorce, Rita kept custody of her three kids, and Kumar Sanu was only able to see his kids by making a set monthly alimony payment.

Kumar Sanu, a well-known playback singer, apologized to the state of Maharashtra and claimed that his son made a mistake by criticizing Marathi. Sanu continued by blaming Jaan’s mother’s upbringing for the entire incident. He claimed that because he and his wife have been estranged from Jaan and his mother for the past 27 years, he is unable to stop and reflect before speaking on a broadcast.

The Indian Idol 12 scandal does not appear to be over. The singing reality show has been in hot water ever since it aired a tribute episode to the late singer Kishore Kumar. They had invited his son Amit Kumar to attend the particular episode. After praising each competitor, he claimed that he had been asked to do so. As a result, the show has received a lot of criticism. And now, in response to the ongoing argument, singer Kumar Sanu has stated that he disagrees with Amit Kumar.


Kumar Sanu has amassed a lot of success, fame, and wealth, with a net worth of $9 million, or roughly Rs. 65 crores in Indian rupees.


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