FULL NAME Leati Joseph Anoaʻi
NICKNAME(s) The Big Guy, The Powerhouse
DATE OF BIRTH 25 May 1985
AGE 37 years
BIRTHPLACE Pensacola, Florida, United States
HOMETOWN Pensacola, Florida
CURRENT RESIDENCE 4812 Rambling River Rd, Brandon, FL 33511
MOTHER NAME Patricia A. Anoa’i
SPOUSE Galina Becker
BROTHER(s) Rosey
SISTER(s) Vanessa Anoa’i, Summer Anoa’i (Half-sister)
HEIGHT 1.91 m in feet(6′ 3″)
WEIGHT 120 kg
SCHOOL Pensacola Catholic High School

Escambia High School

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY Georgia Institute of Technology
HOBBIES Playing American Football, Travelling
RELIGION Christian
PROFESSION American professional wrestler
PHONE +1203-352-8600
SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram(@romanreigns),


BEST KNOWN FOR American professional wrestler
NET WORTH  $ 12 million
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Roman reigns


wwe roman reigns Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoai, born on May 25, 1985, is an American professional wrestler and former American football player better known by his ring name Roman Reigns. He is presently under contract with WWE for the SmackDown brand, where he is the reigning WWE Universal Champion for the second time and the current WWE Champion for the fourth time.

He is regarded as one of the top wrestlers in the world and is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion inside the organization due to his reigns in the various championships. He is the head of the Bloodline stable and comes from the illustrious Anoai family of wrestling.

After playing collegiate football for Georgia Tech, Anoai began his professional football career in 2007 with brief off-season stints with the National Football League’s (NFL) Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars. He played a full season for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League before getting released and giving up football in 2008.wwe roman He subsequently sought a career in professional wrestling and was signed by WWE in 2010, appearing in Florida Championship Wrestling, one of their development territories (FCW).

He debuted on the main roster in 2012 as Roman Reigns, along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, as a part of The Shield. They worked as a tandem until their breakup in 2014. Reigns then switched to the singles scene, but the group would sometimes reconcile until Ambrose left WWE in 2019.

Reigns is a six-time worldwide champion in the organization after winning the WWE Championship four times and the WWE Universal Championship twice. His continuous reign of 894+ days, which is considered to be the sixth-longest global title reign in the promotion’s history and the longest reign of any WWE championship since 1988, made him the longest-reigning Universal Champion in 2022.

I’m a workhorse. I’ll take anything and everything I can get, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.

– Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns Childhood photosLeati Joseph Anoai was born in Pensacola, Florida, on May 25, 1985. He is descended from Arbresh, English, Italian, and Samoan people. His brother Rosey and roman reigns father Sika were professional wrestlers. He is related to The Tonga Kid, Rikishi, Umaga, and Yokozuna through the Anoai wrestling family. Jimmy, Jey, and Dwayne “The Rock” Uso are his non-biological first cousins once removed.

Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Reigns was a standout football player, earning a scholarship to play at Georgia Tech, where he was a team captain and a three-year starter at defensive tackle. After college, Reigns had brief stints with the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL before turning to wrestling.


wwe smackdown roman reignsHe signed a developmental deal and joined WWE’s “Developmental Territory Florida Championship Wrestling” in 2010. Under the ring name “Roman Leakee,” he competed for the first time against Richie Steamboat, but he was unsuccessful. He lost a couple more games before beating Fahd Rakma in a singles encounter. He continued to participate in “FCW” during that year, usually taking part in tag-team fights.

roman reigns head of the tableHe had joined a 30-man “Grand Royal” competition before joining Donny Marlow in a tag team, but he lost. He subsequently defeated Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a “triple threat” contest, though, and the victory propelled him to the top of the field for the FCW (Florida Heavyweight Championship). But he was unable to win the championship.

He didn’t become well known until he made his roster television debut on November 18, 2012, alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The group identified itself as “The Shield” following the incident


john cena and roman reignsHe edged closer to being crowned the new “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” after defeating Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Kevin Owens in a decisive four-way battle.Seth Rollins, who was the then-defending champion, was injured that year; therefore, a new champion had to step up to claim the title. Utilizing the chance, Reigns went on to defeat Big Show in the opening round and face Cesaro in the quarterfinals.

He defeated Alberto Del Rio in the semifinals before defeating Dean Ambrose in the championship match. Roman initially held the title of “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” after beating Ambrose.

However, Roman lost his title to Sheamus in a feud that started just five minutes after the victory, after Sheamus had him pinned.The CEO of “WWE,” Mr. McMahon, then gave Reigns another bout against Sheamus. In the rematch, Reigns successfully defended his title and won the title of “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” a second time.

He was crowned “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” for the third time after defeating Triple H in a match.
He was then suspended for violating the “WWE Wellness” rules, for which he apologised on Twitter.

big dog wweOn August 21, 2016, Reigns defeated Rusev and went on to win his first “United States Championship.”
Following a string of Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Extreme Rules defeats, he began a brief feud with John Cena.

In October 2017, The Shield temporarily came back together because of their common issues with The Miz. He subsequently prevailed against The Miz to win the “Intercontinental Championship,” making him the sixteenth “Grand Slam” winner. Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns got into an argument after Reigns lost to Lesnar in the “Greatest Royal Rumble” match. He then won a bout against Lashley at “Extreme Rules,” making him the top contender to challenge Lesnar for the belt.

He beat Lesnar at “Summer Slam” and took home his first career “Universal Championship.” In a six-man tag team battle that followed, the reconstituted “Shield” prevailed against Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre.

roman reigns nflAfter a temporary break caused by medical difficulties, Reigns made a third appearance alongside Ambrose and Rollins and beat McIntyre, Lashley, and Corbin. At WrestleMania 35, he subsequently beat McIntyre. Then, in a match at “Extreme Rules,” he and The Undertaker defeated McMohan and McIntyre.

Feuds & Competition in Singles Wrestling

roman reigns smackdownRoman was brought in as a singles wrestler for the “World Title Contention” after “The Shield” broke up in 2014. He won the “Battle Royal” on June 16, 2014, earning a spot in the ladder matches for the “WWE World Heavyweight Championship.” He lost the contest, though, and afterward began a feud with Randy Orton.Both Ambrose and Reigns became hostile as a result of Rollins’ treachery, which led to the breakup of “The Shield.” While Ambrose fell to Rollins in five matches, Reigns challenged him but ultimately fell to him due to an imprisoned hernia.

tribal chief wweBut after defeating Daniel Bryan by pinfall at WrestleMania, he returned to his former splendor. The Big Show was the next to be challenged, and he eventually defeated him. Then, after losing a few tag team bouts and being disqualified, he competed in the ladder match for “Money in the Bank” during a rivalry with Bray Wyatt. Romans eventually defeated Wyatt in the “Hell in a Cell” bout.


  1. He underwent a hernia operation, and on the December 8 broadcast of “Raw,” he made an appearance on television to win the “Slammy Award” for “Superstar of the Year.”
  2. Roman Reigns not only three times won the “WWE World Heavyweight Championship,” but he also challenged Rusev to be the top contender for the “WWE Universal Championship.”
  3. He beat Rusev at the “Clash of Champions” on September 25, 2016. Before beating Rusev in a “Hell in a Cell” battle on October 30, he resumed their dispute.
  4. To earn his first “Intercontinental Championship,” Reigns defeated The Miz in 2017. He overcame Brock Lesnar the next year to claim his first career “Universal Championship.”
  5. WWE Universal Championship (current reign): Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion, having won the title at Payback on August 30, 2020. He has held the title since then, making him one of the longest-reigning Universal Champions in WWE history.
  6. WWE Championship: Reigns has won the WWE Championship three times, with his most recent reign beginning at WWE Payback on August 30, 2020.
  7. United States Championship: Reigns has also held the WWE United States Championship once, defeating Rusev at SummerSlam on August 23, 2015.
  8. Royal Rumble Winner: Reigns won the 2015 Royal Rumble, eliminating Rusev to secure the victory.
  9. Slammy Awards: Reigns has won multiple Slammy Awards throughout his career, including Superstar of the Year (2014, 2015), Best Tag Team (with Seth Rollins, 2013), and Best Moment of the Year (2020).
  10. ESPY Awards: In 2019, Reigns was honored with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the ESPY Awards, in recognition of his battle with leukemia.



roman reigns title reignsRoman Reigns is married to Galina Joelle Becker, whom he met at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
The couple married in December 2014 and has five children. Roman reigns daughter’s name is Joelle Anoa’i. The couple welcomed twin boys in 2016.

Roman Reigns was a standout defensive tackle in college football at Georgia Tech before becoming a wrestler.
He was signed as a free agent by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007 but was released before the regular season began.

Roman Reigns is of Samoan and Italian ancestry and is a descendant of the Anoa’i wrestling family, which has produced many wrestlers over the years.
He is also a cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a former wrestler and Hollywood star.

wwe wrestlemania backlash roman reigns Roman Reigns announced in October 2018 that he had been diagnosed with leukaemia, which had gone into remission in December 2018.
He has since returned to wrestling and is still a member of the WWE roster.

RoseyRoman reigns brother, passed away from congestive heart failure on April 17, 2017. Roman is the sole descendant of the Samoan wrestler Sika as a result


Sika Anoa’i, Roman Reigns’ father, was a professional wrestler and member of the tag team The Wild Samoans with his brother Afa Anoa’i.

roman reigns twitterAfa Anoa’i, Sika’s brother, is also a former professional wrestler who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.
Afa owns and operates a wrestling school in Florida, where he has trained numerous wrestlers over the years.

Rosey (real name Matthew Anoa’i) was Roman Reigns’ brother who wrestled for WWE for several years, first as part of the tag team 3-Minute Warning and later as one-half of The Super Heroes.

roman reigns fight rockDwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, and Yokozuna (real name Rodney Anoa’i), a former WWE Champion, are Roman Reigns’ cousins. Rikishi (real name Solofa Fatu), Umaga (real name Eddie Fatu), and The Usos are other notable Anoa’i family members who are/were professional wrestlers (real names Jonathan and Joshua Fatu).


  • “Don’t focus on the negativity. Focus on the positivity and the people that want you to do well; then, do it for them and for yourself. Sometimes I do things for myself. Sometimes I do things for my family. Sometimes I do things for my friends.”
  • “I can only do my thing and do the best that I can.”
  • “Personally, for my character, I started as the silent but deadly type.”
  • “I’m a workhorse. I’ll take anything and everything I can get, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.”
  • “At the end of the day, all I can be is me. I’m not John Cena. In my 30 years, I’ve never been John Cena. I don’t even think about becoming him. I just want to be – I want to be Roman Reigns. I want to do things my way. I think that’s why I’m in the deep water with Vince McMahon and ‘The Authority’.”
  • “The fans have to realize that as opinionated as y’all are in the way you want it, the company is the same way, and they’re gonna do what they wanna do… at the end of the day, I’m just a guy getting rich.”
  • “You never know what’s going to happen with this crazy world of sports entertainment, so I would never rule out the fact that Rock wants to come home.”


  1. Leati Joseph Anoai is the true name of Roman Reigns. He was born in Florida, USA, on May 25, 1985. He is currently 37 years old and one of the most dominant superstars in WWE history.
  2. Roman Reigns hails from a wrestling-related family. There were 8 wrestlers in his family, including his brother Rose and father Sika Anoa’i. However, all of his family members who have worked for WWE include Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga, The Rock, and The Usos.
  3. Roman Reigns has said in several interviews that he looks up to Bret Hart. Roman was inspired to join the WWE by Bret’s wrestling abilities and become a professional wrestler.
  4. Roman’s moves all appear to be exciting, but some of his most potent hits are the spear, Superman punch, Samoan drop, Moment of Silence, and Multiple Corner Clothesline.
  5. Roman Reigns also contributed significantly to Hollywood motion pictures. He appeared with The Rock in the 2019 Fast and Furious sequel Hobbs and Shaw after working on the 2016 film Countdown.
  6. In 2014, Roman Reigns married Galina Becker. In 2016, they both gave birth to twins and were blessed with a girl.
  7. Roman Reigns began his professional wrestling career in 2010 after graduating from college and ending his tenure with the National Football League in 2007.
  8. Roman Reigns is included among the WWE Grand Slam champions. He won the Intercontinental Championship by defeating The Miz, making him the 17th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history.
  9. Roman Reigns made his WWE debut in September 2010 under the alias Roman Leakee, but Richie Steamboat defeated him.
  10. Of the two wrestlers that have beaten The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns is one of them. The other person who has done it is Brock Lesnar.


In front of his AEW debut, Roman Reigns publicly insults CM Punk:

 Nearly everything else that occurred in professional wrestling throughout the SummerSlam 2021 weekend appeared to be eclipsed by CM Punk’s AEW debut. Punk’s debut was widely anticipated, although it was never officially announced.

roman reigns kevin owensRoman Reigns‘ remarks before CM Punk’s debut at AEW Rampage are intriguing to consider in light of the event’s past. Reigns were questioned about CM Punk’s prior remarks about him during an interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport. He was also questioned about if it was OK for part-timers like John Cena to join and be given a championship opportunity.

Roman Reigns responded by criticizing CM Punk, saying that he can’t generate as much interest as The Rock or John Cena can.

“Those statements are coming from bitter people, you know, who possibly thought they were better than they really were,” said Reigns. “When it comes down to it, CM Punk was not as good or as over as John Cena. [He] wasn’t as good or as over and moved the needle like The Rock. It just wasn’t what it was.”

This led to some debate in the wrestling community. It didn’t help that CM Punk had recently praised Roman Reigns as the finest aspect of WWE:

“I think a lot of times the best stuff, you’ve also kind of just gotta go with the flow with it,” Punk said during an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast. “I’ll use Roman Reigns as an example, because if we’re talking about good stuff, if the WWE does anything good, I mean, this is the one thing that they’re doing right now, right? Is Roman Reigns.”

In the end, it appears to be a contentious issue. Roman Reigns‘ remarks have generated controversy, yet many contend that they are nonetheless true. The Rock and John Cena are indeed more well-known stars than CM Punk.

Royal Rumble statement from Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns noted at the Royal Rumble that it wasn’t well received by fans when he returned to WWE for his villainous run as The Tribal Chief.

roman reigns bornRoman Reigns referred to himself as the “most significant Royal Rumble participant ever” in a tweet response to the 2017 Royal Rumble. Only once, in 2015, did he prevail in the Royal Rumble. Almost every year that he has participated in it, Roman Reigns has finished second. Before Batista won in 2014, Reigns finished in second place. He was the second-to-last contestant eliminated in 2016, with Dean Ambrose finishing second to champion Triple H.

Roman Reigns finished second in the 2017 Royal Rumble after Randy Orton knocked him out. He finished second in the same competition in 2018, but Shinsuke Nakamura won. At the 2019 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Reigns didn’t take part.

Roman Reigns finished second to winner Drew McIntyre in 2020. This demonstrates WWE’s practice of utilizing Reigns to boost the crowd’s enthusiasm for the eventual victor. His #30 Royal Rumble entrance in particular was very contentious, and WWE was aware of this. Even so, the notion that he is the most significant Royal Rumble participant ever did not receive a favorable response from the public.


Roman Reigns net worth estimated is $15 million, and it is predicted that it will increase by 22% per year.

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